RE: Software for analysing repertory grid data

Frank Schoeneich (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:20:03 +0200

On 16 Jul 99, at 11:16, Jungwoo Lee, Ph.D. wrote:

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> Can you give me a bit more detail on your GridLab program. Right now, I

> have about 140 standardized rep grid ready for analysis. Is this

> program let you compare grid by grid or group by group?


> Jungwoo Lee, Ph.D.

> Assistant Professor of MIS

> University of Nevada Las Vegas

> 702.895.3796

</color>Dear Professor Lee:

thank you for your interest in GridLab. At present the software supports

comparison of two grids with identical constructs and elements. The

parameters calculated are those of Patrick Slater's DELTA package.

Comparison as in PREFAN (several Grids with same elements) is currently

under development. Also useful for comparing grids are the export features

of GridLab. All data calculated can be exported into spradsheets,

databases and statistical software packages such as SPSS. This feature is

now in late beta testing in our department. This option has proven to be

quite useful as parameters of several hundreds of grids can be exported in

just one run. To tell you more about group statistics support of GridLab I

need some background information about how your grids are standardised. If

you have any further questions please do not hestitate to contact me.


O. B. Walter