Re: Fuzzy Grids

Tim Connor (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 18:02:21 -0700

Miller Mair addressed this, using the same basic methodology, in

Mair, J.M.M. (1967). Some problems in repertory grid measurement I: The
use of bipolar constructs. British Journal of Psychology, 58, 261-270.

He found that there does tend to be a lot of overlap in the application
of constructs/contrasts to a given element set, and has some suggestions
about interpreting it.

The problem, it seem to me, is that people may tend to be somewhat
inconsistent (or at least highly contextual) in their use of constructs,
and the tendency to fall back on the most obvious antonyms when
identifying the contrast pole exacerbates this. I do believe that
constructs are often, in use, very fuzzy dichotomies, and I don't know
that grid methoodology has found a way to deal with this.


> Barry Pope wrote:
> Call for ideas
> I have devised a repertory grid that has elements relating to self and
> parental figures. These elements will be rated using a set of bipolar
> constructs where one pole is supplied and the other elicited from the
> clients. rather that place have the client rate between both poles as
> opposites, I want the client to rate the poles independently. This
> creates a fuzzy grid and is causing me difficulties; I am stuck on how
> to statistically analyse the data. Therefore, any wisdom form people
> will be greatly appreciated.
> Barry Pope
> Psychotherapist