Re: Richard Bell's GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL programs

Chris Evans (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 01:39:57 +0100

On 18 Aug 99, at 9:43, Sharon Mickan wrote:

> J. Maxwell Legg says
> >
> >When I run gridscal this happens. Why is this file not included?!?
> >
> >Stub ldr err 7: DOS-Extender file "run386.exe" not found
> >
> I am also greeted by this statement - what should I do?

Me too. I hadn't checked the file before uploading it. I've reloaded
the old one for now and downloaded it back to my machine and
this version definitely runs on my win95 setup.

Over to you Richard, looks like you've changed your linking and we
need a DOS-extender to get at extended memory. I thought that
win95 did that for us and that your compiler's defaults would go for
that easy (for win95ers) option. Looks like you've changed to make
things more compatible with plain DOS and win3/3.1 but need to
make an extender available too.


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