Re: Richard Bell's GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL programs

Richard Bell (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:06:44 +1000

At 10:56 18/08/99 +1200, J.Maxwell Legge wrote:

>Later I read where rb writes:
>"Does a writer of computer programs for analysing grids need grids? At
least I
>can answer this last question. The answer is no. "
>Maybe this is the case for programmers who can't work with objects and I
>acknowledge that the transition is a difficult one, but in order to model my
>development ideas, I have used grids many times in designing WinGrid.

To clarify my status. I am not a programmer. To work on computer programs
for grids you need a two-way matrix of number with rows and columns
labelled. I do not need grids, although I use classic grids in testing
programs. More people ought to analyse Kelly's original published grid.

[What I find I do need is copious quantities of fine wine etc. One should
shouldn't confuse essentials with luxuries.]


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