Susceptibility to change of reality concept

John Mayes (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 04:17:42 +1200

Rob Steventon asked an interesting question about his plan to examine
susceptibility to change in people's concepts of reality.

I referred the question to Valerie Stewart whose reply follows. (I am sorry
about the delay in responding. My service provider made an error which
resulted in my inwards Email being rejected and the Enquire Within web site
being disabled over the weekend).

`Congratulations on piloting your elements first! I can add a little advice
- only a little because I don't know everything about the theory you plan
to test, but you might consider including in your element set (which
obviously you're getting by elicitation questions) for some examples of
'things I thought were real but were in fact unreal' and 'things I thought
were unreal but now seem to be real.' This might help you get some more
subtle constructs rather than the inevitable set you're getting at the
moment. Also, I assume that you're going to be 'tracking' throughout the
process, using feedback and the opportunity for people to change/add their

An odd and possible useless thought also occurs to me, which is to ask your
students to put themselves inside other peoples' skin for a while and do
Grids on their behalf - i.e. infer the construct system of Teresa of Avila,
or the people who are insisting on creationist teaching in some of the
States right now, or an African sangoma (witch-doctor, to demean them) ...
see the point?

Also - do it on yourself first. Do a Grid in which you infer that of
someone starting your course, and someone who's successfully completed it.
Nothing like the first-person experiment as the place to start!

Valerie Stewart'

John Mayes