Re: Suppress scroll bars - an idea

Mike Batchelor (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 08:25:56 -0400 (EDT)

Chris Tilbury once wrote...
> I don't think you've misunderstood the style tag; it certainly is a
> more appropriate place for something like this than the actual
> document itself. However, something like this, which is so utterly
> browser dependent, isn't really anything to do with the "style" of the
> document, more to do with the "style" of the browser.
> > All I was suggesting was a way for an author to suggest to the browser
> > that it should paginate the document, rather than scroll it, if the
> > document was too long to fit on a single screen.
> I'd suggest that prompting the author of (insert your favourite
> browser here) to include an option to remove the scrollbar and to
> implement some form of "Page" metaphor instead, for navigation
> purposes, would be a better approach. (If they want other examples,
> tell them to get Softquad Panorama Free, and implement a <H*>
> based navigator pane like that :-).

Have I missed something again?

Isn't it a feature of the <style> tag, and cascading style sheets, that
the user of the browser can have his/her own local style sheet, and that
the cascading style sheets interact with each other to produce a final
style that is a combination of user and author presentation preferences?

If so, then a browser that implemented style sheets would have the option
to turn scroll bars on/off, if such a style attribute was part of the
proposed <style> tags and sheets. The user would just turn them off or on
in his/her personal style sheet. Q.E.D. :) The browser-specific feature
is whether to allow the author to change that particular style element.

My point is, that to page or to scroll seems to me to be a matter of

 %%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%%