Re: Suppress scroll bars - an idea
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 23:50:46 GMT

A page is not just a layout question, a page is also
an abstract concept, a basic unit of text. For instance
we frequently print many pages on one sheet of paper.
The blind feels what a page is and could be told about it
like headers and anything else.
A browser could have pageing rather than scrolling.
The page is not so device specific.
In HTML we can only deal with text on like paper rolls.
When the paper rolls get long and numerous we realise that
it would be nicer to have books with pages.
This has happened before in history.
Many things about pages should definately be dealt with
only in style sheets but the page is so basic to our
traditional way of working with text that outlawing it
from HTML is going to cost a lot of trouble.
Certainly when it does not cost any cluttering of the
syntax we should give some thought to how the page idea fits
in to what is decided.
How is it going to hurt if formfeeds have their ordinary
function as far as is reasonable. Browsers might show some
kind of horizontal rendering or optionally act differently.
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