making old text publicly available on the web
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 15:03:06 GMT

There is lots of text around which could be made accessible
on the web but nobody has the time to mark up.
Frequently the only structure this text has is tabs and
formfeeds. HTML should support formfeeds in <PLAINTEXT>
so this little structure there is present in this text
does not get lost on the web.
The same applies to books which are scaned up, they have pages.

I have the job of presenting official information to the public
in stable text and in reports generated from databases.
I have very basic needs and I think HTML should meet those needs
without style sheets. There are things that do not belong on the same
page. I need HTML to say something about pageing which I can expect
the general browser that the public will be using to support.
I dont need a special tag if the standard says that browsers should
have as an option in printing a skipp to a new page on <DIV>
or on <DIV CLASS=something> or something of that kind.
Is that cluttering up the standard?

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