Re: Tables and Charts

Benjamin C. W. Sittler (
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 10:03:38 -0600

Qestion: Since it is suggested that CLASS names can have more than one
word seperated by '.', with the leftmost word being the most general, why
not "enforce" this in stylesheets by specifying that, for example, <P
CLASS=MyClass.MySubClass> would inherit properties of <P CLASS=MyClass>?
That way, if you wanted to customize a pie-chart, you could set the
properties of <TABLE CLASS=2dpie.MyStyle>, which would inherit the
properties of <TABLE CLASS=2dpie>, which would usually (in
graphics-capable browsers,) render as a pie-chart by default. This could,
of course, be overridden in a stylesheet. <TABLE CLASS=2dpie> could, for
example, be styled to render as a plain table, a bar graph, or whatever,
using stylesheet properties like those you suggested.

Any comments? (I know, this would majorly muck up current stylesheet
designs, but wouldn't it greatly enhance them?)

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