Re: <IMG> inside <FIG>?

Chris Tilbury (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 09:40:21 BST

On 13 Jul 95 at 15:02, wrote:

> From reading the draft proposal for HTML 3, I get the
> impression that one could do something like the following:
> <FIG SRC="MyPicture.GIF">
> <P>
> You can look at <a href="MyPicture.GIF">my picture</a>, too. In
> fact, those with inline images enabled can see it right here:
> <IMG SRC="MyPicture.GIF">
> </FIG>
> Now, how should this be rendered by a FIG-capable browser?
> Obviously, non-FIG browsers can just ignore the <FIG ...> and </FIG>
> tags, but what about those than do understand it? Should it be
> rendered like this:


> That is, should the browser display text between <FIG> and </FIG> if
> it also displays the FIG image?