Accurate user-based log file analysis

Terry Myerson (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 16:08:17 -0700

We started shipping today Inters=E9=92 market focus, a Windows based=
marketing tool.

Inters=E9 market focus creates trend graphs, bar charts, tables, and sorted
lists from standard web site log files. While other tools count "hits" or
"hosts", Inters=E9 market focus provides you with an accurate tally of Web
site users. You can analyze your entire log file, or select and analyze
sub-sets of the logs for targetted analysis.

The software includes the Inters=E9 Internet database, which contains most
U.S. Internet domains indexed by city, state, and zip code, combined with
other Internet demographic information. Coupling this information with your
log files, the software translates Internet address into actual organization
names and produce geogrpahic analyses of your site=92s specific user=

If you have any questions, please visit our web site at=
or you can contact me directly.



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