Re: Newsgroups

Richard W Wiggins <>
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Date:         Wed, 11 Aug 93 15:38:13 EDT
From: Richard W Wiggins <>
Subject:      Re: Newsgroups
To: Edward Vielmetti <>,
In-reply-to: Your message of Wed, 11 Aug 1993 10:57:55 -0400
Status: RO
>I would recommend that if the www group is to be changed the proper
>division is more like
>	comp.infosystems.www
> comp.infosystems.www.programmer
>	comp.infosystems.www.announce
>where "announce" is moderated news information where people talk about
>the latest and greatest stuff they have done on the net, "programmer"
>is roughly the current www-talk which discusses nitty gritty
>implementation details, and the current group is as it is now.

I strongly endorse Ed's proposed setup. (Minor quibble -- would
'developer' be more descriptive than 'programmer'? Even if so, if
'programmer' is the convention elsewhere, that's the way to go.)

A moderated Announce group would be tremendously helpful, especially if
it were archived somewhere. And of course Nat's FAQ would be appropriate
for periodical announcement or posting.

In "marketing" WWW, it's important that information be accessible to
*folks who are not yet on the Web*. I've suggested to TimBL
that CERN run a tiny Gopher for this purpose, with perhaps a single
descriptive document, a Telnet Lynx session, and a GIF screen image from
Mosaic. This newsgroup layout would be similarly accessible to the
masses who haven't yet seen the Web, while splitting off the voluminous
developer dialogue.

/Rich Wiggins, Gopher Coordinator, Michigan State U