Re: Weird non-problem

Aleksandar Totic (
Wed, 6 Jul 1994 06:19:20 +0200

>The module compiled and loaded fine, and when I tested it by telneting to the
>port, everything looked fine. However, when I tried using the version of
>xmosaic 2.2 I have on my linux box at home, I noticed that the counter was
>being incremented by 2 each time. Checking the logs, I saw that xmosaic was
>generating two queries for each URL - one with HTTP/1.0, the other with
>HTTP/0.9. I checked the headers, dumped them out and looked for suspicious
>invisible characters, and even tried cutting the headers down to the bare
>minimum; nothing seemed to make any difference.

>Can anybody think of what could cause this problem; is it a bug in the
>linux xmosaic of that ilk, or could it be a timing problem?

For HTTP0.9 compatibility, if a connection to a server terminates with an
error, Mosaic tries to access the server again with 0.9 header. So, there
is something wrong on the client end in the way connection is terminated.
Bad socket libraries on the client side can also generate this.