character sets

Nathan Torkington (
Wed, 6 Jul 1994 06:11:37 +0200

Could someone please refresh my memory about the ways and means of
inserting special characters (eg s-cedilla) into HTML documents. As
this character isn't part of the ISO Latin-1 set, how am I to
efficiently and sensibly code my Romanian pages?

The other Romanian web page
( seems to use
letter doubling (damn, I wish I could actually *speak* or read the
language :) to fake it, but this seems rather dubious given that a
very very large percentage of the world doesn't use Latin-1.

Have I just hit another Anglo-centric piece of the web, or is there a
perfectly simple fix which I just haven't cottoned on to?

Yours with baited breath [1],


[1] don't even think of asking what I am trying to catch :-)