MDMA - Multithreaded Daemon for Multimedia Access

Simon E Spero (
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 06:14:04 +0200

I've cut a preview release of the multithreaded daemon for solaris. You
can grab it from <a href="">.

I've currently cut a binary release, which is in Solaris package format,
and installs into /opt/mdma; I've also taken a snapshot of the source tree,
which is *definitely* not for the squeamish.

The readme follows at the end of the message.

Simon // Remember, this is MDMA so you have to be nice to me

MDMA - Multithreaded Daemon for Multimedia Access

Simon Spero (

Welcome to pre-alpha release 0.1 of MDMA. MDMA is a new HTTP server
for solaris. on very busy servers like sunsite or ncsa, which handle
over 100,000 requests a day.

MDMA has loads of neat stuff like multithreading, BGI support,
stackable log modules, which I'll write about more when my hands don't hurt
so much.

How to Get:

MDMA is available via the web from


It's not house-trained. It probably won't work. Don't try and use this
release for anything useful. We have made every effort to ensure that
all bits in this package are either 0 or 1. However, these bits may not
be in the correct order and proportion.

Anyone found laughing at the code will be shot at dawn.


Known Missing stuff

Error Message generation.
POST support in default file handler.
Decent examples

Things that will change:

Logging protocol; the protocol for log handlers will be changed to
allow a handler to be called for different loggable events

New BGI modules needed:

MAPS Port of ismap handler to BGI
CGI Support for legacy applications :-)
TCL BGI module with embedded TCL interpreter.
USER Support for user name lookup.

Command Line arguments:

httpd [-p port] [-r root] [-f fstab] [-d] [-l log-config] [-m mime.types]

-p port) TCP port to listen on DEFAULT: 80
-r root) Base directory for http data DEFAULT: /opt/mdma/html
-f fstab) BGI module attachment points DEFAULT: /opt/mdma/etc/mdma.conf
-l logtab) Log module configuration file DEFAULT: /opt/mdma/etc/log.conf
-m mime) file-name to mime type mappings DEFAULT: /opt/mdma/etc/mime.types
-d) Increment debugging level