Re: Status Codes 301 + 302

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 16:53:26 +0200


> Can somebody explain why the http2 spec says to send URI but the NCSA server
> sends LOCATION?

The same goes for the CERN server. I think the reason is that the
implementation was done prior to the spec??

> Does any client recognize the URI header in this context?

The CERN Line Mode Browser version 2.14 build on top of CERN Common
Code Library 2.16re2 recognizes LOCATION but I have just made it
understand URI as well. As the HTTP client used in the Line Mode
Browser is implemented as a part of the CERN Common Code Library, the
same goes for all other clients build directly on top of the library,
e.g the NeXT Browser.

> Under what circumstances is 303 used?

This is not currently used as far as I know. The reason is that it
causes security problems having the METHOD chaning on the fly and
furthermore, I can't see the actual need for it. My advice is to forget

-- cheers --

Henrik Frystyk