Re: errors don't come back as Content-type: text/html

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 13 Jul 1994 21:08:47 +0200

> Not sure if this was best. One annoying feature of Mosaic
>is that it presumes things are HTML unless otherwise explicitly labeled.
>Retrieve any number of plain-text items that aren't clearly labeled,
>and blech! Runtogethernonsense. Maybe there should be some fall-back
>processing when there's no content-type record. It shouldn't be a really
>compilcated matter for Lynx, Mosaic, and friends to eyeball the first
>line and look for the canonical "<html>" or other SGML-ish strings.
>("<plaintext>" being a special case, of course) Maybe this feature
>should be in the WWW Library code?

(Rick, I think I just sent you a bogus message, sorry).

I agree. I actually do not like Mosaic's behavior of assuming text/html
unless told otherwise. This gives lovely behavior when trying to access
something like a file compressed with gzip. XMosaic stuffs a bunch of
gibberish onto the screen.

I think this has been discussed before. Didn't it go like this? :

1. Obey the HTTP 1.0 content type
2. Otherwise, check the suffix on the file and guess
3. Otherwise, call HTSaveLocally (or equiv) to just put the
file on local disk.

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