Re: announcing link verifier release

James G. McGuire (mcguire@eitech.eit.COM)
Thu, 14 Jul 1994 03:05:28 +0200

I'd like to mention a couple of updates regarding the recent
release, described in:

First, a "User-Agent" field has been added to the HTTP requests
issued during the link verification process. For the sake of you web
administrators out there, the agent is called the
"EIT Link Verifier Robot /0.2".

Secondly I've fixed an obscure/seldom-seen bug which only manifests
on the Solaris port. The bug was caused by a sleep function, which never
seemed to return under certain circumstances. I should have known better than
to use sleep anywhere. It's been fixed and is reflected in all binaries.


>From: Martijn Koster <>
>Urgent feature request: can you please add a "User-agent" field
>to the HTTP requests, so that web adminstrators can recognise this
>-- Martijn