ANNOUNCE: SIGWEB for UK and Ireland

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Tue, 19 Jul 1994 08:09:05 +0200

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A Special Interest Group for the United Kingdom and Ireland
on the World Wide Web


This group was initially set up at the First International Conference on
the World Wide Web in Geneva in May. The group was setup for researchers,
developers and maintainers in the British Isles, to allow for coordination
and communication.

At WWW94 there was a strong feeling of community and it is hoped that this
group can continue this. Our aim is to bring together the web community in
the UK and allow people to share information. We also intend to have
meetings in different parts of the country and possibly a Web conference.

Web server
There is a web server for the group, URL:
This server contains much information about the web from technical
documents to how-to guides. The server will act as a collation point for
resources produced in the UK, if you want to have material linked in mail
me at the address below.

Email List
An announcements based mailing list exists and is hosted at Loughbourgh
University of Technology, send mail to, with
"subscribe sigweb" in the message body. This mailing list is not meant to
be for discussion of the web, nor problem reports or questions, it exists
primarily to help with organising the group and providing a UK based
www-announce. Note that if you just want more information you can send the
message "info sigweb" to the same address

Our Charter is below


We aim to foster relationships between WWW researchers and developers from
academic and commercial environments in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The group aims to become a repository of W3 resources and a contact point
for web information. The group will also maintain close contact with other
WWW related organisations.


The research and development issues related to WWW. This includes the
evolution of http, html, server tools, user issues and other related areas.


A web page for general dissemination of information. A searchable list
of members and research interests. An email distribution list for
announcements. Organisation of user group meetings and conferences
Distribution of reports to similiar groups outside UK and Ireland.


Anyone working in the UK or Ireland working in the area of WWW research
and development or support is invited to join this group. They should
mail with the message "subscribe sigweb"
in the message body, the subject is ignored.

Gavin Bell
SIGWEB Coordinator

Gavin Bell, School of Psychology, Queen's University, Belfast, UK.
UK & Ireland SIGWEB Coordinator
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