Re: Two Webs?
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 19:34:35 +0200

Jim Davis <> writes:
>I request that this thread not be followed.

Request denied, for reasons stated:

>Asking those questions in the way you did was a bad idea...
> 1) They aren't technical, and www-talk is for technical discussions

They _will_, however, impact the development of the WWW in many ways.

> 2) They are flame-bait.

Not true. I consider these questions a legitimate inquiry into how the
current players in the field plan to work together.

> 3) The questions are useless, because there's nothing useful you
>could do with the answer. Suppose someone from NCSA has answered that
>they planned to merge with Microsoft. Or with the NSA for that matter.
>Could you stop them? No. This isn't a democracy. It isn't
>even a standards committee. So there's no point in even asking someone
>what they plan to do.
> What matters is to make good designs, implement them, criticise them
>and improve them. And do it quickly.

And not make your designs and implementations in a closet by yourself.
I want to know what other people are doing so I can steer my own
development accordingly.

-Chris Wilson
(answers to the real questions to follow.)

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