CD-based URL-resolving question

Frank Majewski (
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 12:54:44 +0200

Hi all!

This may be a silly question (and maybe misplaced, sorry!) but:

I plan to create a multi-platform-CD (ISO9660) with oceanographic data presentedby different WWW-browsers on different operating systems
(Sun OS 4.1.3, Mac, MS-Windows, maybe more!).

I don't want to create several distributions for each OS, they all should use
ONE representation.

But if the filenames in the URL are longer than 8 characters AND
quite similar (i.e. having 'long' common prefixes), HOW they are
resolved right? How does WinMosaic for example resolve
the RIGHT LOCAL URL for a document?

e.g.: file://localhost/DIRNAME/Plates10_35.200m.html

If these files are located on a CD, how are they saved on it logical?
I think, in MS-DOS-terms these two DIFFERENT filenames would be mapped on the
same "\DIRNAME\PLATES10.HTM" file, aren't they?