Re: We need to start talking about group and public annotations

Paul Everitt (
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 17:22:54 +0200

My approach was similar, in that I was going with CGI, and it is just
starting to get out of my neurons.

However, mine is different in that there is no such thing as a file.
Everything is a python object -- the document object is composed of a
head object and a body object. The body object is composed of tag
objects for H1 classes, P classes, etc. Each of these can have nested
tags for A objects, which might contain a B object. Hopefully I'll add
the context rules from Dan's fabulous HTML2.0 documentation to say what
is allowed in what.

This will allow everything down to a single character (if necessary) to
have its own attributes (owner, access log, change log) and methods
(right now the only one is object.render('terse' | 'verbose'). Hopefully
I can put in some methods to lock each object, or keep track of changes.

>From the other side, I'm using Michael McLay's python handling
class to put it all onto HTTP.

This is just a bit of a snapshot. To paraphrase: I am doing it without
files, by decomposing HTML into objects in memory.

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