Re: We need to start talking about group and public annotations
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 19:18:36 +0200

>Okay, gang, I've looked EVERYWHERE I could, I've been on www-talk for the
>past 8 months and I've gone to the web conference in Geneva, and yet this
>topic eludes my research into its current status.
>The problem: we need to bring back group and public annotation BACK to
>the WWW.
>Annotation is a meme that has been around since day 1, as far as I can
>tell. It was in NCSA's early server and browser, but they removed it
>as I suppose there were other things they wanted to get working fine
>first. (Don't blame that, I guess). Support for user annotations is
>still in Mosaic, but I don't think it was ever implemented in any other

The emacs w3 browser has supported the same annotations as NCSA mosaic/X
since abuot day 2. :)

-Bill P.