WWW Security mailing list

Walt Drummond (drummond@aristarchus.rutgers.edu)
Thu, 21 Jul 1994 23:05:59 +0200

Hi all:

Internally, Rutgers has been discussing different methods of
providing secure WWW service. We've decided to open this discussion
up to the rest of the WWW community, and have created yet another
mailing list. This list will focus on how to secure HTTP and/or
HTTP-like protocols to provide:

o Privacy
o User Authentication
o Service Certification
o Document Checking (Digital Signatures)

and anything that I've forgotten!

To subscribe, send mail with a body of:

subscribe www-security

to www-security-request@nsmx.rutgers.edu

Messages should be sent to www-security@nsmx.rutgers.edu
(big surprise, I know.. :)


Walt Drummond (drummond@noc.rutgers.edu)
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