Re: More benchmarking stuff

Bob Denny (
Sat, 23 Jul 1994 17:58:48 +0200

Phillip --

>The encryption stuff I expect will be solved eventually through hardware.
>Whatever the technical merits we will never get the public to accept a
>software only system. There must be a physical action required to confirm,
>something a little harder than clicking a button (press here to order
>a lorry load of quick drying cement/ Ferrari F40/ Clipper chip). This
>indicates to me that there will be a credit card type device, an a cheap
>RS232 reader ($5 each in quantity, sent out to subscribers for free). So
>I expect the RSA stuff to have hardware assist in any case.

National Semiconductor are making just such a system, with a PCMCIA type card and
a cheap reader. Darn if I can remember the name of it right now...

-- Bob