Re: Efficiency of FTP URLs

Robert Lentz (
Mon, 25 Jul 1994 19:13:35 +0200

> FTP _is_ an inefficient protocol for serving HTML documents with inlined
> images, period (in fact, I'd be personally inclined to say FTP is an
> inefficient protocol, period. :^)

I pretty much agree, and have been amazed that some of its limitations have
not been addressed in the more recent servers (such as wuftpd). But for some
people, it is all they have available. Though maybe that will encourage
their providers to install httpd :-)

> However, NCSA Mosaic for Windows and its progeny DO leave the connection
> open (permanently, as a matter of fact, until the server times it out.) I
> thought this was true of 2a2, but it certainly should be of later releases
> (unless this was changed since I left.) AIR Mosaic leaves it open.

Hmm, oops. I think I realize the problem now. WinMosaic was setup to use a
proxy server. So, that was CERN HTTPd 2.0pre5's fault, not WinMosaic. (The
same actually for all the Mosaic's I tried. So, some of them might already
have dealt with it...)


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