inet-marketing hypermail-like archive up

Nick Arnett (
Wed, 27 Jul 1994 21:19:10 +0200

I've added the Internet marketing list discussion to my hypermail-like
archive. After brief internal debate, I put it in the hierarchy under
"Network social-legal issues." ;-)

Here's the alias to go directly to the inet-marketing menus. The name of
the alias will be stable; the internal filename (which you'll get if you
navigate my menu tree) is not guaranteed to be stable, though it usually
will be:


I've set up similar aliases for www-talk, MacHTTP-talk, Web4Lib,
www-security and www-html (though it is having almost no traffic). Just
add ".html" after the list name, as in the URL above. Not directly related
to the Web, I also have EFF-activists and PACS-L on my system, with similar

There is a buglet that's causing some HREFs to fail to be added to the last
reply link or two. I'm trying to track it down, but it's not following any
kind of pattern that I can detect. When I force it to re-do the page
generation, it always works. Ah, prototypes.


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