Re: Maintaining HTTP connections...

Paul Everitt (
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 02:55:06 +0200

On Wed, 27 Jul 1994, Christian L. Mogensen wrote:

[my stuff about implementing these proposals on proxies first]

> Interesting take - we are currently hacking away at Mosaic (and cursing
> the code) and see the problems in trying to move clients on to this.
> At the same time the server hacker (me) is breezing through it - no
> motif widgets, no hassles etc.
> Also: clients will not support a feature until servers do - otherwise
> it is useless. I think this has been NCSA's strength - since they have
> both the client and server sides wrapped up.
> How common are proxies (having never seen one myself)?

I'm running CERN's 3.0pre6 here in proxy mode. It's fantastic,
especially since I have a dialup connection.

Maybe someone on the www-proxy list could jump in and explain the cache
manager concept and server-server communications.

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