www-speed hypermail-like archive is up

Nick Arnett (nicka@mccmedia.com)
Thu, 28 Jul 1994 20:44:10 +0200

By request (and because it made sense to me) I've added www-speed to my
hypermail-like archive.

The alias to the top menu is like the others I announced:

I keep calling this "hypermail-like" because what I'm really building is
what I call a "Virtual Forum" focused on the net and information
publishing/libraries. But many of the ingredients of the Virtual Forum are
still to come... ;-)

The most recent four weeks or so of messages will be available via the
menus; the rest will be full-text searchable.

When I receive the older messages, I'll add them to the system, but for now
the archive starts with yesterday's.


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