RE: W3A - update and questions

Fisher Mark (
Fri, 29 Jul 1994 01:38:37 +0200

Bert Bos wrote in <>:
> Viewers need to display their output in a window provided by
> the browser. Under X, it is easy to pass a widget as an
> argument to the viewer. Is there an equivalent datastructure
> under MS Windows, or on the Mac? Requirements are that the
> viewer is able to draw in it, maybe make sub-windows in it and
> make its preferences about the size of the window known to the
> owner of the parent window.
> How about a text-mode browser? The window argument will be a
> dummy, since there are no windows on a text terminal, or are
> there?

Under MS Windows 3.1, this can be done -- it is used by the
GhostScript/GhostView combination to provide a nicer user interface under
Windows 3.1 than the raw GhostScript interface. From examining the Win32
API help file, it looks like this method should work under NT and Chicago
also. It should be noted that only USER objects are global (window handles
et. al.); GDI handles are private to each task.
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