Re: Proposal -- Foldable Anchor Inclusion for HTML 3.0

Gideon Wober (
Sat, 30 Jul 1994 06:25:13 +0200

I was wondering if this idea could be used to make
MPEG or quicktime video clips havew multiple links inside them
or would it make the size of the clips too great for ease of use... displays walking down a garden path ..
panning past various trees and shrubs...point and click on
the Tree in "frame n" and you are hotlinked to say a description
of the tree....maybe even nest them click on the leaves and
see on the blight on the leaves and meet "fungus x".....

I think I would want the video to pause while the folded documents were

or maybe make them taggable for later retreival and more in depth study

Has anyone done this sort of thing allready....
The closest thing i can remember ever seeing was the _pop_up science and
nature books i had as a child

It sounds very complicated to acheive though....
sort of like what I saw on tv ...Silcon graphics worksataions trying to
make Tom Hanks talk to President Kennedy....but then again linking
anchors to video may be simple as
digitally selecting and making a simple color change to a peice of
clothing to run throught he clip...