Some general questions!
Sat, 30 Jul 1994 06:15:21 +0200

Here at the University of Massachusetts/Boston, the Healey Library is
planning on installing a MOSIAC server on the WWW. Before I
undertake on this project I have some general questions and would
appreciate your comments/thoughts/opinions, etc. If this is not the
correct place to address these questions, please could you point me
to correct LISTSERV! - Thank-you

The library has a collection of several thousand photographs
listed/indexed under various subject categories - which the
library would like OPENED for general viewing. There is
limited text associated with each photograph.

Q1. Once these photographs/images are scanned onto the MOSIAC server,
is it possible for other MOSIAC (client) sites to COPY or
REPRODUCE these images. The issue here is one of COPYRIGHT
violations. I guess I would like to know how other institutions
are handling the copyright issues?

Q2. What would you recommend in terms of hardware for housing these
several thousand photographs? Does MOSIAC run better on a UNIX
or MAC box? Any recommendations for the harware configuration?

Q3. Is there a special type of INTERNET (SLIP/PPP) connection that I
should request for as opposed to one that is used for a GOPHER?

Thank-you for your help and pardon the ignorance.

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