Re: Request for Enlightenment

Christian L. Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Sat, 30 Jul 1994 10:23:36 +0200

James "Eric" Tilton writes:

> I'm curious -- in the past month or so, I've seen mention of W3O and
> HTML 2.0, but I'm still not clear on what they are or what their status
> is. W3O seems to be some kind of new standards organization that's sprung
> up, and I can't figure out if HTML 2.0 is a supplanting of HTML+, of
> who's status I am also unclear. If anyone could clue me in, I would
> be greatly appreciative.

I found it!
On this very mail server in fact, is a treasuretrove of tidbits about the
coming WWWO.

It includes the initial press release and a prospectus/working notes on W3O.

In response to your second question:
W3O will help hammer out the HTML3.0 standards, as well as the other
protocols and common code libraries in use on the web.

If I remember: HTML 1.0 was the initial CERN stuff
HTML 2.0 is whatever Mosaic implements (sort of)
HTML 3.0 is what used to be HTML+ (i.e: big and far off)

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