Re: POSTing (from mosaic for X)

Larry Masinter (
Sun, 31 Jul 1994 01:33:25 +0200

We've had some discussions about how to get clients to be able to post
files. I think the conclusion is that it is more useful for "input a
file" to be a variation of INPUT rather than a variation of a tag.
This keeps the method orthogonal from the kinds of things that might
be submitted, and also allows for practice such as asking for more
than one file.

Eliminate "SCRIBBLE" and "AUDIO" from the 'proposed':

<FORM ACTION="url" ENCTYPE="multipart/x-www-form-data"
<p>Say a few words:
<INPUT NAME="voice" TYPE="audio/*" MODE="interactive">

Would be a form that would interactively ask you to talk into the

<FORM ACTION="url" ENCTYPE="multipart/x-www-form-data"
<p>Supply an audio or image file:
<INPUT name="data" type="audio/* image/*" MODE="file">

would be a form that would prompt you to select a .au or .gif or .jpeg
or etc. image file.

Additional advantages are that it would allow the file dialog to
self-select only certain types of files.

I don't know whether application/x-multimedia-tar or
multipart/x-www-form-data or something else is the right type for the
ENCTYPE of the form, though.