Re: Copyright notices. Was Re: Some general questions!

Karl Auerbach (
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 22:33:53 +0200

> > Copyright: Sherman Oakes, 1994
> > Copyright-terms: User may make up to 50 additional copies.
> > Copyright-cost: $0.10 per additional copy
> > Copyright-payment-to: Copyright Clearance Center
> >
> > These lines could be formally structured to make them comprehensible
> > to the user's viewer.
> This is what LINK is designed for: <LINK REL="copyright" HREF="...">.

Hmmm... I just took a look at the html documents and I can't find
anything that makes such a strong claim about either the meaning of
LINK or REL. If you have one handy, I'd appreciate it if you would
pass me a URL that might explain things a bit more clearly. Thanks.
(I was looking at the documents descending from

Personally, I don't really care how it is expressed as long as the user
(or his/her/its) viewer can know that they are about to fetch copyrighted
documents or what happens if they make further copies of things that
they have fetched.

> If you need additional structure for the data you can define a standard
> data format and assign it a MIME type (e.g., application/x-copyright).
> Servers can then automatically detect client support for that format via
> the HTTP Accept: attributes.

I'd like it in the headers so the client can read it using a HEAD. It's nice
to know, or at least, to be able to know, before transfering the document

> Also, HTML LINK attributes can be exported to the HTTP header using WWW-Link:

You lost me on that one.