Re: The Internet and the Anti-net

Nick Arnett (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 09:14:21 +0200

At 1:17 AM 8/2/94 -0500, Tony Sanders wrote:
>Nick Arnett writes:
>> holds. Two distinct, interconnected publicly accessible digital
>> internetworks are likely to emerge, which is surely better than just one.

>The Internet is already thousands of distinct networks, all interconnected
>(public and private). There are even many commercial networks in that bunch.

Read what you quoted. I wrote says two "internetworks," not two networks.
And the essay doesn't talk about commercial vs. non-commercial, it talks
about advertising-based vs. non-advertising based.

>So, while the history of the printing press is very interesting you failed
>to differentiate your scheme from what we already have.

What scheme?

>> cable and broadcast industries. The "Anti-net" will rely on advertising

>But if they are interconnected then what is to prevent the advertisements
>from going to the non-commercial Internet? The commercial customers that
>do the spamming, post to the non-commercial resources on purpose because
>they can get away with it; that is the problem. If they would stick to
>their own playgrounds then I think everyone would be happy now.

That last sentence is exactly my point... except that everyone will never
be happy. ;-)


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