Re: Re:Local "action" in Forms?

Dave Raggett (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 19:41:47 +0200

> Does anyone know which of the new flavours of HTML plan to
> solve this type of problem or not as the case may be ?

There seems to be two approaches to letting browsers invoke
scripts locally:

a) Only allow execution of trusted scripts

b) Provide a safe environment for execution
of non-trusted scripts

You can provide trusted scripts in a number of ways:

i) A set of trusted programs in a local
read-only directory

ii) Scripts signed securely by trusted parties

The latter will have to wait until Secure HTTP takes off.

I am proposing a standard API for non-trusted scripts for
HTML fill-out forms. This will probably appear in HTML 3.1.

Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

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