Local "action" of FORMS: AM I TOO STUPID?

Frank Majewski (fmajewsk@awi-bremerhaven.de)
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 11:49:37 +0200

At first I want to thank all people who tried to help me - and those who WILL do, too, BUT:

I tried and tried and tried but I still have the same problem AND I don't think that
not all of you *NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE* of saying something like:

'<a href="file://localhost/home/edvs1/fmajewsk/bin/latex2html/A4.dvi">A4.dvi</a>'

which works FINE: it starts xdvi with A4.dvi, and that's to

and the following:
(and now comes the difference!):
1. my local ".mailcap" *HAS* an entry "application/x-local-csh; csh -f %s"
2. my local "mime.types" *HAS* an entry "application/x-local-csh csh"
3. I use the following FORM (comments are in {}):
<Body><H1>List of Plates using FORMS</H1>

<a href="file://localhost/home/edvs1/fmajewsk/bin/latex2html/A4.dvi">A4.dvi</a>
{ starts xdvi, WORKS FINE! }
{ now the problem:}

<Form method=GET action="http://localhost/tmp_mnt/home/edvs1/fmajewsk/PLATES.csh">
Insert Plate-Nr: <INPUT Name="Plate" VALUE="1" size=3>
<select NAME="what">
<option SELECTED> Temperature
<option> Salinity
<option> Potential Density
<option> Oxygene
<select NAME="selection">
<option SELECTED> 100
<OPTION> 200
<OPTION> 350
<OPTION> 500

<Input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Show Picture">
<Input TYPE="reset" VALUE="Erase Choices">
4. I can asure you that I *HAVE* the file "PLATES.csh" in that directory
5. The only thing I get back is an error message:
Requested document (URL
could not be accessed.

The information server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve the document for you.
6. I use XMosaic 2.4 (and our server-software is CERN httpd 3.0pre5.1)

7. I also tried 'action="" (loopback, should work on any (pseudo-connected)
machine, but that produces an ERROR 404...
8. I tried a few permutations, but - yes, MURPHY seems to stay for some weeks at this side...

I go crazy....

Frank Majewski