Mark Hoss (
Thu, 4 Aug 1994 18:17:05 +0200

I noted with great interest the article in Personal Computing which
breifly described the advantages of Mosaic.

I downloaded Mosaic-ibm.gz and then downloaded gunzip.exe.

The README file which I downloaded (written by Marc Anderson and Eric
Bina) stated I would then need to "make the binary executable (type,
e.g., 'chmod 755 Mosaic-sun')."

I have attempted to download chmod.exe, which is, I assume, the file I
need to make the Mosaic "gunzipped" file executable, but I am getting
a message which states "cannot save file". I have tried the
University of Pisa and the University of Manitoba. I was unable to
locate the file at your site (

Can you help me? I now have an 8 meg "unzipped" file, which I am
unable to use.

Thank you for your time and trouble in this matter.

Sincerely (and hopefuuly) yors,

Mark Hoss