Re: ***** Freehand .eps to .gif ??

Richard Koman (
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 09:08:50 +0200

>Christopher Allen:
>The best I've found so far is a combination of Adobe Photoshop and a
>shareware program called epsConverter 1.0 (I just found it on America
>Online so I don't have a URL to an FTP source for it yet.)
>Basically epsConverter will convert any eps file (freehand, mac, pc, etc.)
>to an Illustrator 3.1 file, which Photoshop can import. Then change mode to
>indexed color (8-bit, system pallette) and save as a CompuServe GIF, and it
>will work great with WWW/Mosaic.
FreeHand 4.0 will export Illustrator eps files, so the converter is no
longer necessary.

Richard Koman
O'Reilly & Associates