Re: ftp interface with www
Tue, 9 Aug 1994 17:39:20 +0200


I created a link between the sheets. i.e.

ln -f /users/mannh/html/SMUG /usr/spool/ftp/SMUG
ln -f /usr/spool/ftp/ /usr/local/etc/httpd/home/archives

Then, you reference the directory or file by

Works great for me.

Andre' Doles
Network Engineer
Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ


I am trying to get ftp interface work with Mosaic and need some help.
Do I have to set up anonymous ftp account on my server first before I
actually use "ftp://ipaddress/directory" in my html document? I tried
looking at other servers' html and seems like all you need is just ftp
address? I get the generic the server is refusing to give access or
down message while I try to access the ftp command. Is there a help
file on any server which could give me some help?

Thank you so much.