RE: Oracle/WWW Gateways

Ralph Graw [RWG21657] (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 00:19:13 +0200

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In my earlier posting I should have pointed folks at Dr. Letovsky's work at
Yale. The URL is

It's a very interesting example of hiding the SQL nature of the underlying
database - but depends on Sybase's stored procedure features to make it
work. Oracle lacks the ability to return result sets from their stored
procedures. Dr. Letovsky is moving to Johns Hopkins, and so I'm not sure
of the status for future enhancements, but is very friendly and willing to
discuss his work.

Hope that helps! I found this, and other examples, at

which notes the www-rdb mailing list at cern.

Also, rather than flood both lists, I'll post the results back to www- - they're already pouring in!


Ralph Graw