Re: Progress reporting in future HTTP

Rick Troth (
Wed, 10 Aug 1994 16:53:16 +0200

> We chatted about this back in April on www-talk. George Phillips
> proposed an extra header
> (normal headers here)
> Status: 10% complete
> Status: 20% complete
> ...
> Status: Search Completed
> (rest of headers)
> HTML stuff

I really like this. The only problem with it is that
it's in English. It should be something like:

(normal headers here)
Status: 101 10 10% complete
Status: 101 20 20% complete
Status: 102 Search Completed
(rest of headers)

HTML stuff

Where "101" is an informational message (some percentage complete)
which has a single two-digit numeric parameter, and "102" is an
informational message (finis) which has no parameters. The text
following any parameters may be displayed by the client in absence
of a message code -to- local language mapping function.

The numbers 101 and 102 are somewhat arbitrary. I allowed that
someone may have used 100, though I've never seen it from a server
or in the spec. They could perhaps be merged where "101 100"
means "finished" (100%). (tho we're not in immediate danger
of running out of message code space)

> I think it was decided that
> the use of "Status:" was conflicting and "Progress:" should be used
> instead.

Fine. Then c/Status:/Progress:/ in the snippet above.

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