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Daniel W. Connolly
$Id: index.html,v 1.19 1994/08/12 19:37:10 connolly Exp $

Status: In Review by the newly formed IETF Working Group

A postscript version is now availble.

Please use the HTML validation service form to investigate syntactic
questions before mailing them to the working group.

The HTML 2.0 review is nearly complete. In order to publish the
document as an Internet RFC, an IETF working group has been formed.
This working group is, as per IETF policy, open to all interested
parties. Tim Berners-Lee is the char. See his notes for more info.

Karen Muldrow <>, and I did a lot of work to get a
printed version of the document ready for the Toronto IETF meeting.

The Contents as Hypertext as of August 2, 1994

Note that this hypertext is subject to change without notice.

The latest revision was generated from an SGML document in another DTD
(similar to DocBook). The converted HTML doesn't yet conform to the
2.0 standard. Talk about irony!

Review and Publication Process

The WWW technology will probably be moderated by an international
consortium in the future, but the need for this document is immediate.
SGML Open and the Internet Engineering Task Force have offered to host
this review.

For details on the status of HTML as an SGML Open technical report,
contact Yuri Rubinsky, <>.

There will be a BOF at the July IETF meeting to discuss the formation
of an HTML WG in the IETF. (See HTML BOF is Tuesday from TimBL)

The document will be publicly available throughout the review process.

Ron Daniel <> has voluntered to maintain an
archive of the review comments

To prevent duplicate comments on similar issues, _I reserve the right
to publicly redistribute all comments sent to me regarding the HTML
2.0 spec._ I will use discretion in making old messages available
without the expressed consent of the author, but in the future,
consent will be implictly given just by commenting on the HTML 2.0
document. If you have sent me comments on the HTML 2.0 document that
you don't want made public, please let me know.

The whole document as of the July 1994 (Toronto IETF) release

This is the current (as of this writing, Aug 12) document under
consideration by the HTML working group.
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* Postscript
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4. Enter a filename to save the data
5. Don't forget to turn of "Load To Local Disk"

If you still can't get it to work, or if you don't have HTTP access to, check the www-html archive, as several volunteers from
that list provide email and ftp access to this spec.

Background and Related Materials

The HTML specification was last published as an internet draft in
July of 1993. Since then, there has been an enormous increase in the
usage of HTML, and certain new features have emerged. Widespread
commercial support for HTML is on the horizion, and while there is a
relatively stable set of features in current practice, there is no
document that specifies them.

These materials comprise an effort to promote interoperability among
developing HTML implementations, and to investigate interactions with
implementations that support more or fewer features than the current
* HTML Validation Service Form
* hypertext archive of the review comments maintained by Ron Daniel
* Publication History
* Detailed Changed Log (out of date)
* WIT-style (Topic/Proposal/Argument) view of the comments (out of
* HTML Test Suite
* Toward Closure on HTML (see also the www-talk mailing list archive
for responses)
* Design Notebook