Re: forms question

Fri, 19 Aug 1994 15:18:33 +0200

Christian Mogensen writes:

[ stuff deleted ]

> Nope - this is close to impossible - the current specs only allow one
> submit button per form, and you can't save state from one transmission
> to the next (unless you want to start managing session IDs) - so all
> variables must be submitted each time. But you can embed the variable
> in the URLs:
> How about this (URLs omitted for clarity)
> (Note the use of Path_INFO to provide the variable you mentioned)
> <LI>
> <A http://url/100?querystring>word</A> (<A http://url/500?querystring>500</A>)
> words or (<A http://url/all?querystring>all</A>)
> Which renders as:
> * _word_ (_500_ words or _all_)
> Of course you can add more in there - note that the query string after
> the ? is independent of the pathinfo, which makes this easy to extend.
> Christian "CGI scripts lurking horror"

You could use hidden fields in the form to store status
<input type="hidden" name="status" value="put status info here ">

I've made this work quite well in a search screen. If you need lots
of status you can of course add more hidden fields - status1, status2

(BTW why can we only have 1 submit button per form - allowing more
would improve the quality of forms interfaces no end, and doesn't
seem technically difficult?)

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