Re: forms question (hidden fields)
Fri, 19 Aug 1994 22:39:48 +0200

>> This is really a slick feature which I wasn't aware of so far. Is this
>> an undocumented feature ? This is not mentioned in the FORMs overview
>> document
>> Is there any other document out there with these kind of features?
>> Is the INPUT tag with TYPE= "hidden" respected by the Mosaic clients other
>> than Xmosaic?
>I know that lynx does not hide the fields.

Emacs-w3 supports this. WINMosaic (and hence AIRMosaic) supports the
type. Not sure about MacMosaic. Haven't bothered to check WinWeb, since it
some severe bugs in the formatting which make it basically unusable for me at
work or at home.

-Bill P.