Re: Any work done on replication?

Martijn Koster (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 12:02:01 +0200

> My business partner Lotus Notes specialist, and was preparing a response
> to a "WWW is pathetic compared to Notes" that was full of misinformation.

Sounds interesting :-)

> Martijn Koster has one of the first, I think, in distributing ALIWEB, but
> even he recommends ftp-mirroring of the data!

As the ALIWEB databse is a single file, the overhead of FTP over HTTP
isn't that bad. The reason I recommend FTP over HTTP is that no client
I know of rejects (or even acknowledges) truncated transfers, which
are likely to happen when a server enforces timeouts on long transfers
over slow links.

-- Martijn
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