Re: Caching Servers Considered Harmful (was: Re: Finger URL)

Nathan Torkington (
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 02:20:18 +0200

John Labovitz writes:

> One solution would be for caching servers to generate a summary of
> hits on URLs `belonging' to particular servers, and to email that
> summary to a standard email address at those servers.

Better might be to add a method that passes on statistics. Eg,

CACHERECORD /ads/citycorp/index.html 52

meaning that 52 requests for /ads/citycorp/index.html were served from
the cache.

The biggest problem for me as a server administrator is that caches
hide accesses and popularity, and that's something that I *need* to
have, to justify the cost of the server. I'd like to see that change.