Re: Proposed SUBDOC support in HTML

Terry Allen (
Tue, 23 Aug 1994 23:07:19 +0200

I'd like to think some more about this matter, which is related
to the question of allowing a document type declaration; but for
the record,

> DocBook has such a declaration in its DTD. It
might seem strange, but it does have its uses.

We did have a recursive DOCBOOK element in earlier versions, but
it is gone from version 2.1. We realized that it didn't fit with
the Set/Book/Chapter model of the rest of the DTD. It *did* have
its uses, though, and it may be appropriate for the HTML element
to be recursive; we just don't have it in Docbook any more.

Also, what are your expectations for browser behavior when a
compound document is accessed? Must all the pieces be retrieved
and assembled before any is rendered?


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