Re: forms question

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 20:50:45 +0200

In message <>, Rick Troth
> I can't express this strongly enough without using wording
>that would alienate some people:
> hidden fields are awkward at best
> "overloaded paths" in the URL are bad

Could you give some evidence? I thought hidden fields were a pretty
good idea? What are the pitfalls? Are they real technical issues,
or a result of *@#$#@$ broken implementations? What's wrong with
"overloaded paths"? (what are "overloaded paths"?)

> Recommend putting state information and other optional
>parameters after a (yet to be implemented on some servers)
>semi-colon ";" and before the question mark "?".

I am completely lost. Why does it matter whether the ';' goes before
or after the '?' ? Is this a CGI-BIN interface issue? A broken client
issue? A broken server issue?